Etsy’s Weird and Wonderful: Your babies power of expression

The item I was going to write today’s blog on has sold. So this blog will also feature other items for sale in the same shop. The item in question is guaranteed to give your baby a curly mustache, it is the Mini Mario Hand Cut Custom Mustache Pacifier by piquantdesigns.

However this pacifier has been sold but you can still give your baby the goofiest handlebar imaginable and buck teeth.

Apparently the designs are hand painted on the dummies. Can you think of a better way to express your little ones personality. I can but this is the funnest way I have come across. Check below to find out how to find this shop.

You can find these and other pacifiers at:

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Confessions of a Craft Addict: This Weeks Production Blog 4

Hello, here are some of this weeks products (made lots of earing’s). My links are at the bottom of the page if you are interested.






















Thats it for this weeks items, you can also find me at:!/gracescrafts

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Etsy’s Weird and Wonderful: Pink Beard, perfect accessory for the modern pirate

Unable to grow the beard of your dreams in the desired color? Is that color neon pink? If so this item is perfect for you.

Today I am featuring The Bearded Lady neon pink by TheMonkeyCannon.

The item for sale is just the beard, which is crocheted, there is no lady included. If this item is not the right color for you, the shop has a number of beards in different colors, this is just the beard I felt to be the most unusual. The shop also sells a wide variety of mens beards. These beards are perfect disguises suitable for both every day and occasional use.  Suitable for sailing the seven seas as a modern day Blue Beard as well as hiding from that annoying person.

Join me again tomorrow to see the first ceramic item in the series.

This beard can be found at:

The shop can be found at:

You can find me at:!/gracescrafts

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Confessions of a Craft Addict: This weeks production Blog 3

Hello, welcome to Confessions of a Craft Addict. Here are this weeks products:

Mexican Wrestler Necklace






Small Skull Brooch


Ribbon Skull Brooch







Multi-colored Skull Wrestler Brooch














Some of these items are currently or will soon be available in my etsy shop at:

I will also custom make items. You can also find me at!/gracescrafts

I’ll be back again next week with a new blog of activity.

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Confessions of a craft addict:This weeks productions Blog 2

Hello, welcome back if you read my last blog, if not welcome anyway. This weeks been quite quiet on the production and finishing of items front. I only have four new items to introduce you to this week, however the next few weeks should be much fuller as I have finally found a local craft fair organizer and I intend to go to my first craft fair in March. So as you can imagine I’ve got an awful lot of items to produce for my stall. I will keep you posted but here is this weeks finished products.

This is the design I painted on a t shirt for my boyfriends fathers birthday. Its a Broccoli Man, not one of my best t shirts but its an example of some of the work I’m doing.




This is a felt broach constructed entirely from different sized felt skull. The eyes are costume jewels. This item will soon be listed in my etsy shop.



This item is my first ever belt. It comprises of felt sea horses and felt hearts and necklace cord. It will be on sale in my etsy shop shortly.



This is a completely hand sewn felt patch ready and designed to be sewn on bags, clothes or glued to photograph albums or scrap books. This is the first patch I’ve produced and will be on sale in my etsy shop soon.

Feel free to check out and follow my work at:!/gracescrafts



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Confessions of a craft addict: This weeks production

Hello, as you can probably guess, my name is Grace and this is my first ever blog, and the first of a series of weekly blog entries about my work. However, first an introduction, unlike a lot of people I have heard about, I have not always loved to make things. Don’t get me wrong, making things could be fun when I could be bothered making the effort or had to for school or college. This neutral feeling towards making things changed quite suddenly and unexpectedly in late November 2010.

It was nearing Christmas and I had completely failed to prepare financially for the festive season. I was worrying how I was going to pay for presents when I remembered something quite random. What I remembered was a purple velvet heart Christmas decoration I had bought for my tiny tree as a child. There was my solution, it seemed simple enough, I’d just make velvet heart Christmas decorations for everyone then life would go back to normal. Except it didn’t quite go to plan. After I’d made the first couple of hearts my fingers where literally itching to get at more velvet and make more and more stuff. I’d lay in bed mentally designing my next heart, restless to get started on it again. My partner (who has tolerantly accepted my obsession taking over our small front room) suggested etsy to me and thats how gracescrafts at etsy got started.

Soon Christmas was over and it seemed silly to carry on making Christmas decorations, plus I wanted to work with new shapes and materials. Therefore gracescrafts branched out to jewelery, ornaments and other things I decide to make.

This Weeks Production

Cushion OrnamentSmall Cushion Ornament

This cushion ornament came about by my boredom, indecision over what to make next with my velvet, my desire to try out some new velvet and to use a shape I had just developed. This shape is used in both shades of the red section. It is only a small cushion as I didn’t have a cutting board at the time and I am not fully competent with my sewing machine yet. However I find it a pretty creation and I am especially fond of the red section. This item can be bought in my etsy shop now.

Skull Broach

This is a broach which I developed from a skull template I have had for a while. I was inspired to make this layered image by the good effect created by similar layering of red and blue velvet on a velvet heart which can be seen in my etsy shop. This broach is layered blue and red felt and I am very happy with the effect it creates. This item can currently be bought in my etsy shop.

Fish Broach

This is a broach created from a new fish template with older templates included to create an unusual effect. I was inspired to create this image after buying blue felt and seeing the felt fish created by other people on etsy. However I feel that this fish stands out from other items. This item can be seen in my etsy shop now.

Pouch for Mobile Phone and other items

This item is a pouch designed for mobile phones. It was inspired by my own quest for a mobile phone pouch. This is also the first item I have made using my sewing machine. It is made of felt and the designs are hand pained on both sides with fabric paints. I am pleased with my first sewing machine stitching and the painted on designs, however the pouch cannot be tied tight enough as the fabric layers are too thick unfortunately. 

Card Creation experiment

These cards came about by the arrival of some new thiner fabric. I have had some problems with glue and fluff but I intend to develop these cards further possibly using computer manipulated images of my work. I will keep you posted on such developments.

Thats it for this weeks blog. Hope you’ve enjoyed reading about me and my work. Here is the link to my etsy shop:

I will also custom make items.

Please feel free to add me on facebook and twitter!/gracescrafts

Hope to see you again next Saturday.

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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